Benefits of Partnering with a Home Healthcare Agency When Caring for a Family Member with Dementia


caring for a patient with dementia oneIt’s important to you that your family member feels loved and valued.  A sad fact is, once the demands of caregiving become too heavy, your loved one may begin to feel just like he or she is only another task to be completed.  Even though your loved one has dementia, they are still sensitive to nonverbal communication and the energy that surrounds them.

It’s important to keep the atmosphere of your loved one’s home positive and feeling safe.  Partnering with a home health professional can be a great way to help you do this.  A home health professional can:

  • Ensure your loved one’s personal freedom is preserved for as long as possible
  • Allow your loved one to enjoy better health
  • Save you money
  • Create a more relaxing environment by reducing stress

Maintaining Personal Freedom

Professional home healthcare, in comparison to nursing home or assisted living placement, allows your loved one to continue enjoying personal freedom.  In the privacy of their home, they’re able to maintain a sense of control and dignity.

Enjoying Better Health

Your loved one will enjoy better health by living in their own home.  Professional home healthcare workers can help prolong wellness by creating and implementing wellness plans, medication supervision, and even improving bladder control.

Saves Money

Professional home healthcare can save you over $4,000 a month when compared to nursing home placement.  The average cost of a professional home healthcare aid is about $20.00 an hour, whereas a semi-private room in a nursing home begins at $250.00 a day.  A typical home healthcare visit can be modified according to your needs, whether it’s 1 hour or 8 hours a day.

Reduces Stress

Home healthcare services can help reduce stress in countless ways.  Partnering with a home healthcare agency, can open up many opportunities for you and your loved one, such as:

  • Spending more quality time with your loved one and other family members
  • Maintaining or repairing your career
  • Taking a walk
  • Having a conversation with your loved one – it may be a bit one sided, but it can still be a joy to listen to some of the old stories, with the familiar voice, and familiar smile beaming back at you.

What tasks are able to delegate so that you can free up time to create more quality time for yourself and your loved one?  How would you spend the time you’ve freed?




About Pam Witt

Pam Witt is a licensed RN and has more than 32 years of experience in the caregiving, home care, home health and healthcare industries. She has more than 10 years of successful marketing experience with one of the largest healthcare software companies in the world. Pam’s philosophy is that “life is a gift” and it should not be wasted. Pam’s main objective through the NAPHC and is to make a positive impact in the home care, home health and home hospice industry by providing the best information and training available.

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