Strong Move — and Congratulations!

We're so glad to have you in the NAPHC family!

You will have just received an email from us (two emails if you selected one of our additional concierge services), with your login information, as well as a few other next steps.

If you indeed selected one of our Done-For-You concierge services, you’ll begin receiving information with quick set-up steps so we can gather the information we need to start you cranking with social media! Plus, you will not be charged anything further for the next 45 days while we get everything set up for you, and you get the chance to see how we’ll be serving you.

But here’s what to do right now, BEFORE checking that email…

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2) Once you’ve checked your email, you’ll see one message that contains a link to go to our dedicated Members Area, as well as your new password. IMPORTANT: This information is proprietary and CANNOT be shared outside of your staff and business partners. We don’t like to have to say that, but there are some people out there who like to swipe our material and claim it’s their own, or re-package and sell it. That would be a bad mistake, both legally — but also for your own soul. Don’t do it.

But these disclaimers aside, We're so glad to be able to serve you and your aging care business, my friend. More goodies will be coming your way soon.

Welcome to the future of your aging care business…


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