Attitude Is Everything!


In this post, I want to take a slight detour from the normal information about caregiving, home care marketing, home healthcare, and home hospice. That said, this post can dramatically improve your success in your home care business if you implement it…. And YES,even if you’re not in business, this strategy will also help you!  (There’s also a short video below to give an example of what this is about.)


So, I’d like to tell you a little story…

While in college, I played on the baseball team. It was a lot of fun. Our coach was very big on attitude and actually bought us t-shirts to wear around campus that read “Attitude Is Everything” on the back.

It was our mantra. We learned that having the right attitude gave us an advantage. However, the biggest breakthrough didn’t come in the form of playing baseball. It came after college and from a surprising place.

Let me explain:

My first job out of college was selling pharmaceutical products.


My “training” consisted of two intense months of product knowledge, complicated clinical study data and of course their latest and greatest “sales formula”. Basically, we were learning how to speak another language in about two month’s time. A language that would allow us to speak intelligently to physicians, in hopes that they would prescribe the products we were selling over the competition.

The problem was that, in all the training we received, which cost the company about $150,000 per person to fully train us, we never REALLY learned how to communicate effectively with our prospects and customers. We were practicing what I call “me, me, me” marketing and selling, which provided little to no real value for our prospects.

Sure, we learned how to explain the statistical significance and data points of a clinical study to physicians, (who by the way could read circles around us when it comes to clinical data) to squeeze a trial close into our 30 second presentation about why our drug was better than another; but we never learned how to get them genuinely excited about building a relationship with us. Our attitude was more focused on what they could do for us rather than what we could do for them and their patients.

The Beginning of The “No Reps” Policy:

Despite the long training and the implementation of the company’s latest and greatest “selling method”, the process failed more times than not because rather than learning how to build a credible relationship by being a trusted valuable resource to our prospects, we were trying to please the company by following their “non-human” sales protocol.


attitudeiseverythingfourThe result? Many physician offices implemented “no reps” or “appointment only” policies, which had a major negative effect on the pharmaceutical company’s sales tactics. The physicians no longer wanted to see waiting rooms containing more drug reps than patients, pretty much all using the same sales tactics. After all, they didn’t become physicians to visit with sales reps all day. In fact, this same policy has begun to affect sales reps in the aging care market as well, so if you’ve noticed this, this strategy will help.




Fortunately, around that time I was recruited by a multi-level marketing company, and although the opportunity wasn’t for me, I was exposed to a whole new world of learning how to become more successful outside of college or a fancy corporate training program.

This was the first time I realized I could improve myself through self-education. I could learn how to develop the right attitude and use it to reach levels of success that I had not considered.

There were multiple people I learned valuable skills from, but one of them stood out when it came to the topic of emotions and attitude. His name is Tom Hopkins. On many occasions I sat in rapt attention watching videos of Mr. Hopkins as he mesmerized his audience. He encouraged people to follow their dreams, and that it ALL starts with adopting the right attitude…

I used these new-found skills to easily navigate my way to success despite the new “no reps” policies, by having the right attitude and providing genuine value to my prospects and customers. Something that was very foreign to my competitors.

What This Meant For Me and What It Can Mean For You:

Fast forward 10 years or so… I have followed my dreams and started and grown multiple successful businesses, where I have been able to serve more than 20,000 customers and over 100,000 subscribers, helping them to increase their success in life and in business.

Becoming successful is a lot of fun, but what makes it even more fun is if you genuinely care about the people you serve and can see the results that you’ve helped them achieve.

You never know what is going to inspire you and to change the course of your life. For me, it was attending a multi-level marketing meeting in someone’s living room. Remember, no matter where you are right now, you can make your dreams come true.

If you are currently in business or have sales staff, think for a moment about how you can provide value up front for your prospects. Can you offer them or their staff a free educational class, or something else that could help them? If you can do this, you will see a dramatic shift for the better.

Here is a minute and a half video of Tom Hopkins I think you’ll enjoy and profit from. Please like and share this article and post a comment below to let us know what you think.

Remember, we’re all in this together!

Anthony Simonie

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