Which Type of Home Care Business Should You Start?


which home care business is right for you one @2xBefore starting out in the home care industry, you need to know which type of business is right for you. This may not be an easy process and one that requires you to do some lengthy research in order to weigh out the pros and cons of each of your options.

There will be a number of different factors to consider so before you make a rash decision and get into an area of the home care industry you’re not ready to take on, read each description listed here to familiarize yourself with what could be required of you as a business professional.

Become a Franchisee

Owning a franchise may appear like an attractive option but there are a number of different things you have to consider first.  There are going to be higher start-up costs and royalties.  That can put you in the red before you ever open your doors to the public.

Next, just because a company offers to do your marketing for you, doesn’t mean that it will resonate with the clients in your area.

You know your city and target demographic better than they do.  Take the knowledge that you obtained through training and apply it.  The worst thing you can do is try.  Last, franchises are volatile.  If the franchising company fails, you’ll have a very hard time making it as a successful business.

Join a Membership Network

If you want to forgo franchise fees and contracts, you can still get the support that you need from a home care membership network. The relationships that you will develop in the process and the training you’ll receive can be life changing.

which home care business is right for you five@2x

Heed the advice of seasoned professionals and increase your chances of success as a new home care business.  A little mentorship can help you start out on the right foot. Our training and educational website, The National Association of Professional Home Care of America (http://www.NAPHC.org) is one network that offers membership and training services to new and experienced home care agencies.


which home care business is right for you two @2xGo Into Business for Yourself

Get the necessary licenses, training, and support needed to start your very own home health care agency.  This can be the most laborious of the options, since you’ll have to search for a proven training system, but oftentimes is the most profitable. The one page guide to starting a home care business can help point you in the right direction.

You have much more say in how things operate.  You also can run your business out of your home or a small office making it a very affordable option for you as a start-up.  If you choose to move your office into a larger office building setting later, you can do so, but it is not required to be successful.


Buy an Existing Company and Rebrand It

The benefits of purchasing a company that is already in operation is that you have already secured a location as well as a dedicated staff of employees.  All you have to do is go in and work your magic on rebranding it.  The downside to buying a pre-existing home care business is that sometimes the previous owner’s reputation sticks with you no matter what you do.  This can be very problematic despite efforts to revamp the current atmosphere and public opinion of the place.

Now that you know which type of home care business fits your business plan, values, and model, you can take the steps necessary to secure a location, hire or subcontract additional home care aides and nurses, and put together a marketing plan that reaches potential clients and their family members.

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